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The latest versions may be downloaded through the links below:

Older versions may be downloaded from MediaFire (install instructions below for each platform).

Note: Mac OS support is not currently available for PyVmMonitor 2.0.


In order to work properly at its best, PyVmMonitor also requires yappi:

Note: since version 1.0.1, pre-built binaries are distributed along PyVmMonitor in Windows for some Python versions (other configurations still needs to compile or get it pre-built from somewhere else -- such as

If you can't get a pre-built binary, you should get its sources and compile it in your machine. The simple steps to do are:

pip install yappi
Note that it'll build a binary extension, so, make sure you have a compiler properly configured for your Python version.

Instaling on Windows: after downloading PyVmMonitor, double-click the installer and follow the steps!

Instaling on Linux: after downloading the .tar.gz, and moving it to the proper folder, extract it to where you'd like:

tar xvf pyvmmonitor.tar.gz

Then, create a link to start it using 'pyvmmonitor-ui' from anywhere with:

sudo ln -s `pwd`/pyvmmonitor/pyvmmonitor-ui /usr/bin/pyvmmonitor-ui

(or alternatively, just execute pyvmmonitor/pyvmmonitor-ui)

Note: it's possible that it complains about not being there, in this case, please install the needed deps:

sudo apt-get install libatlas-base-dev
Note: attach to process may not work if ptrace is not configured properly.