PyVmMonitor (Beta)

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PyVmMonitor is currently in public beta.

The latest versions may be downloaded through the links below:

Older versions may be downloaded from MediaFire (install instructions below for each platform).


In order to work properly at its best, PyVmMonitor also requires yappi:

Note: since version 1.0.1, pre-built binaries are distributed along PyVmMonitor in Windows for Python 2.7 32/64 bits and Python 3.4 32 bits (any other configuration still needs to compile or get it pre-built from somewhere else -- such as

If you can't get a pre-built binary, you should get its sources and compile it in your machine. The simple steps to do are:

hg clone
cd yappi
python install

Note that it'll build a binary extension, so, make sure you have a compiler properly configured for your Python version.

Note that you also need Mercurial (usually just pip install mercurial -- although the compiler is also required for its speedups).

Instaling on Windows: after downloading PyVmMonitor, double-click the installer and follow the steps!

Instaling on Mac OS: Download the .dmg file, mount it as a disk and copy it (drag it) to the Applications dir.

Important for pre 1.1.0

during the freezing process for of previous versions, the files libSystem.B.dylib, libobjc.A.dylib and libc++.1.dylib were inadvertently added to the distribution and will make starting PyVmMonitor fail depending on your Mac OS version, so, they have to be manually removed to successfully start PyVmMonitor.

The files to be removed are located at:


On latest Mac OS X versions, after extracting the DMG, when executing, you may get an error such as:

"" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

This happens because PyVmMonitor isn't currently signed nor distributed through the Mac App Store.

To overcome this, right-click the file, choose 'open' and confirm -- instead of double-clicking it (note that this must be done only once, subsequent attempts to open with double-click should work properly).

Alternatively, it's possible to go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and change "Allow Applications Downloaded From" to "Anywhere". You have to click the lock on the bottom to make changes. Once you start up, you can change it back to "Mac App Store and identified developers".

See: for details.

Instaling on Linux: after downloading the .tar.gz, and moving it to the proper folder, extract it to where you'd like:

tar xvf pyvmmonitor.tar.gz

Then, create a link to start it using 'pyvmmonitor-ui' from anywhere with:

sudo ln -s `pwd`/pyvmmonitor/pyvmmonitor-ui /usr/bin/pyvmmonitor-ui

(or alternatively, just execute pyvmmonitor/pyvmmonitor-ui)